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The UnFuckIt Discussion, May 25 2022

Welcome to our reality of insanity folks!!  It’s clown world on steroids!! Last night the UnFuckers got together for our usual weekly discussion, and we dug through some interesting subjects last night!!

We didn’t get into the whole “Monkey Pox” debacle last night, but I’m dropping a comment I made on social media, along with some links to information that we need to keep a record of, if you know what I mean.

In March 2021 the usual suspects hosted yet another Bio Weapon “event (ala event 201), called: “Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats”
On page 30- they “hypothesized” a lab created MONKEY POX virus that would be released in the fictional country of “Brinia” on May 15 2022…. and they’d treat the lab created virus with a smallpox vaccine… you know, like the 2 brand new smallpox vaccines that were just given special “fast track” authorization in 2019 & 2021…. But the fact that Monkeypox has been announced in Britain (Britannia) in May of 2022 of course is completely coincidental.
And in December 2019 yet another “exercise” was done, using smallpox as the scenario for a global pandemic: Pacific Eclipse – A tabletop exercise on smallpox pandemic response”


Side Note on the World Global Settlements:  As Dr. Todd says in the beginning of the video below, there has been a LOT of disinformation and deliberate co-opting of the WGS original information over the years.  Many “players” in the alt world jumped on board in 2010- 2015 and a lot of the waters got muddied to twist the narrative to support certain peoples/groups story line, shall we say.  I’ve put the Dr. Todd video here as a reference point as he talks about Queen Elizabeth II and her involvement with the World Global Settlements as a side note in our discussion last night about her role in several treaties and “corporations”.