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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 21 2024

Well….. it’s been an interesting week my darlins.  Not a good one…. but definitely interesting.  Politicians have definitely lost their minds, not that we’re shocked about that, lol.  And the distractions are coming thick and fast… the only question is trying to figure out what’s distracting from what?

And as for all this mega rich assholes selling off their stuff all at once….  yea, batten down the hatches my friends.  I think this ride is about to get a little rough.

EDITED UPDATE:  We’ve had 3 X Class solar flares in the past 24 hours! Sunspot 3590 has produced an X 1.9 and an X 1.7 and and largest solar flare we’ve had since 2017: an X 6.8!   At this point there doesn’t seem to be any CME Eruptions with them, but we’ll know better by later today if there is any chance of Earth impact. As a side note: spot 3575, which gave us an X class flare a couple of weeks ago, is now rotating back into view, giving us 2 major flaring sunspots that will be Earth facing in the next few days or so. We’ve also been bouncing down to true 0 KP in the geomagnetic field for the past 6 days (we are currently sitting at 3KP). If you’re confused by this report, please watch our latest episode of Wellness Naturally, where we discuss the physical, emotional and mental impacts of solar events HERE:

May be an image of text that says "Data provided by NOAA/SWPC Solar Flare Detection M Click to expand data R5 B X-Rays C6.2 R3 Current 2 days ago Solar Demon RO yesterday Global D-LAYER Absorption today Solar SOFT Current Solar Flare Threat M-Flare: 55% C-Flare: 99% F026-02-2300091 X-Flare: 20% Proton: 10% Probability Details Flare Events (M2+) Past 48 Hours Top Solar Flares Event Report X1.9 X1.7 M4.8 X6.3 3590 3590 3590 3590"


About the solar flares and the network blackouts in the US:


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