The Agenda of “Gun Control”: lest we forget…


Another school shooting….  and yet another highly questionable event, that has more holes in the story line than a block of swiss cheese.  But the same screams ring out- just as they always do. Just as they are meant to:



I am not American, so I don’t have any skin in this game, but it baffles my brain that people are falling for this same rhetoric yet again.  The agenda is obvious and deadly.  … and I don’t mean “deadly” because of the legality of guns.

Lest we forget….


The agenda of taking away the public’s right to bear arms in the US is and has been clearly outlined for decades.  I’ll post a copy of the book “Behold a Pale Horse” below.

I would suggest that Americans do their history homework about gun registration, gun bans, military takeovers, dictatorships, and most importantly: What a False Flag Event is.

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William Cooper-Behold a Pale Horse by breakingthesilence on Scribd


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