You are currently viewing Strange Events this past Week- pay attention folks!

Strange Events this past Week- pay attention folks!


This past week has been so insane that I’m not even sure where to start this article.  I guess the best prequel to this is the last two UnFuckIt Discussions: Dec 23 and Dec 26th.  On Sunday Dec 23 UFI, Ben joined us about half way through and he and I went into some pretty interesting theoretical stuff to do with Velikovsky and the Electrical Universe theory. I will put a copy of Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision” at the end of this article.

I was interviewed by Sarah Westall on Thursday  (Dec 27th- this interview will be out on YouTube and her Patreon channel next week), and I got into the subject of our Electrical Universe and the actions/reactions of electrical and magnetic fields, giving a brief overview of what I’m seeing at the moment, globally.

In the past week during the insanity of Christmas, there has been a massive amount of geological, meteorological and planetary events that have happened.  I’ve been trying to keep a running list of them on Facebook, but as of last night, it became very clear that I needed to publish this list in a more easily accessible, permanent place- hence this article.  Again, I’m not even sure where to start this list, and I will stick mostly with events of this past few days. But, I will also note some of the events that have taken place prior to these, that I believe are directly related, or at the very least, worth noting.

First, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

This is an excellent run down of all the Volcanic events of 2018- please note that of the 77 confirmed eruptions at some point during 2018 from 71 different volcanoes in 25 countries; 36 of those were new eruptions that started in 2018.

  • Mount Etna in Sicily Italy erupted a few days ago, amid an earthquake swarm, followed by a 5.1 EQ that caused serious damage to the area- this is the first time in over 10 years that Etna has had a flank eruption, meaning that it erupted out the side of the volcano. Mount Stromboli Volcano also erupted this week, off the west coast of Italy.
  • Mount Krakatau in Indonesia has just had a major eruption after a suspected underwater volcanic land slide sent a 16 foot Tsunami into the islands killing over 400 people,  Krakatau’s eruption is very obviously being covered up as to the exact nature and level of magnitude of this eruption by local news. The eruption is still continuing as of now, with high Tsunami alerts. *see edited note below*
  • Mount Karangetang, also in Indonesia, has started erupting and massive evacuations have begun in that area.
  • Eruptions at Mayon volcano, Philippines Dec 27th. Over 74 000 affected,
  • Shiveluch  and Ebeko volcanoes in the eastern Russian islands have begun erupting
  • A massive earthquake in Philippines on the coast happened this morning at just after 3am UTC this morning- Tsunami alert has been issued. At the same time, tropical storm “Usman” is suppose to hit the same coastline at any moment.
  • Cleveland volcano in Alaska also exploded this morning.
  • Late last week, Mount Shindake, Japanese Kuchinoerabujima volcano had a major explosion and eruption, and the week prior to that, 3 other volcanoes in Mexico, Indonesia and Vanuatu all erupted.

EDITED at 17:42 dec 29th to add: Latest information about Krakatau volcano is that over half of the volcano has slid into the sea. We’ve NEVER seen this happen to a volcano ever before!

The agency estimated the volcano lost between 150 and 180 million cubic metres of material as massive amounts of rock and ash have been slowly sliding into the sea following a series of eruptions.

“Anak Krakatoa is now much shorter, usually you can see the peak from the observatory post, now you can’t,” Wawan Irawan, a senior official at the agency, told AFP.

Before and after satellite images taken by Japan’s space agency showed that a two square kilometre chunk of the volcanic island had collapsed into the water.

Since Dec 21 2018- there have been 53 Earthquakes magnitude 5 or higher-  6 of which have caused massive damage and are considered “Major” Earthquakes


And Then along with the volcanic and geological events there are the Tsunamis that no one is talking about- like the one last week off the Gulf Coast of Florida:


And Ecuador and Peru, and the Indonesian Tsunami that I have already mentioned:


I will also remind you that we saw Tsunamis with NO WARNING, happen last month, in Tenerife


Blue & Green Flashes in the Sky, and other electrical events

Starting with the bizarre event that happened in New York two days ago, where the night sky was lit up in brilliant blues and greens for over 5 minutes, followed by a massive transformer explosion, I began a list of similar events that happened all at the same time.  Below I will post several videos of these various events.

I particularly want my American friends to take note of this:  THIS IS NOT AN AMERICAN THING THAT IS HAPPENING!  These are global “electrical” events.  People need to please stop chanting “DEW weapons” and “Fingers of god” and “Project Blue beam”.  What we are seeing here isn’t some conspiracy by dark forces in the shadow government – in my opinion, that is a major distraction to keep people from actually asking “WTF?!” and digging deeper into what is causing these events.

I’ll do my best to get all of the links, photos and videos in here, but I may forget a few- there has literally been so many that I can barely keep up with them all!

New York:




“The view from Newark airport following the transformer explosion in Queens.”Updates: Photo by Paddy D

Posted by Jesus Perez on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Marrero LA

(ignore the “UFO” stuff ;>)


yesterday in Marrero, LA


Posted by Follow The White Rabbit on Thursday, December 27, 2018


*Blue lights were seen over Idaho on Dec 28th as well, followed by internet outages, and 911 emergency lines all going down

*Green lights were seen over the east coast of Ireland Dec 28th

Along with these events, there were ATM outages, Internet outages, Cell phone outages, and 911 emergency call lines were out in several states and counties in the US!


Then we have this absolutely Bizarre event over Indonesia on the 27th:

#StrangeSky in Barru, South SulawesiIndonesia 28Dec2018

Posted by Setiawan on Friday, December 28, 2018


And this lightning storm over Durbin South Africa:

Durban Lightning 27 December 2018

If you missed it – here's another video of the amazing non-stop lightning last night in Durban. TY James Foster (and Chloe). Hectic!!!

Posted by SA-People – for South Africans in South Africa and expats on Friday, December 28, 2018



DEW’s can come in many forms… there is actually a sun simulator and a moon simulator… and if charges correctly……

Posted by Tamara Davies on Friday, December 28, 2018


Let’s also toss flash floods in Mississippi, Louisianan, North Carolina, and Alabama in the US, and a massive flash flood in Sri Lanka with 11,000 evacuated.  And flash floods in Europe, Syria, and in Africa.  Then add in the massive hail storm that hit Sydney Australia earlier this week (which has now been classified a “catastrophe”), and in Argentina a few days later. Not to mention there are several tropical storms and the beginnings of hurricanes in several areas of the world all happening at this moment.

Next, let’s toss onto the table this major article about Antarctica and it’s interesting clouds:

NASA’s AIM spacecraft is monitoring a 4 800-km wide (3000 miles) ring of noctilucent clouds circling high above Antarctica….

“If you think strange clouds in the atmosphere over remote Antarctica are of little practical interest, think again,” Dr. Tony Phillips of the said.

“Researchers have discovered unexpected teleconnections between noctilucent clouds and weather patterns thousands of miles away. Would you believe that winter air temperatures in Indianapolis, Indiana, are correlated with NLCs over Antarctica? It’s true…”

From Sept 2018: “Every year, for a period of between five to 10 days, the night skies over Antarctica and the Arctic Circle are visited by an unusual phenomenon known as noctilucent clouds ….

…”This is the first time we’ve been able to visualize the flow of energy from larger gravity waves to smaller flow instabilities and turbulence in the upper atmosphere,” said Dave Fritts, principal investigator of the PMC Turbo mission at Global Atmospheric Technologies and Sciences in Boulder, Colorado, in a NASA press release. “At these altitudes you can literally see the gravity waves breaking — like ocean waves on the beach — and cascading to turbulence…..According to NASA, night clouds are a relatively new phenomenon, with the first observations occurring a couple years after the eruption of Krakatoa sent tons of volcanic ash high into the atmosphere. They increased again after the Tunguska meteor event over Siberia in 1908….


NOTE: in Sept 2018 they said these clouds are only visible for  5-10 days- the clouds over Antarctica this year have been growing for over 4 WEEKS

MrMbb333’s video below asks the question what is going on in our atmosphere.  I would add, our PLANET, Atmosphere, and Solar System.


So what does it all mean?

As I said in my opening comments, and on the UnFuckIt Discussions this past week, we are experiencing massive geomagnetic and electrical events globally, and they seem to be ramping up exponentially.


Over the past few months there have been non-stop articles in national news papers around the world, by government and scientific agencies talking about  their “National” electrical grids are exposed to disasters- depending on the slant of the article the reasons oscillate between EMPs, massive solar flares, Pole flip, or even terrorism.  We’ve seen multiple pieces come out lately that show us clearly that something is up, with whistleblowers from military and other assorted “agencies” whispering about how “they” know that there is a major event about to happen. Regardless of the whispers, it doesn’t take a PhD Doctorate to SEE that we are in the middle of a major “Tsunami” of events and that those events are getting bigger, and more wide spread and happening closer and closer together.  It is my opinion that they are all linked.

…. no, it’s not “DEW” weapons or HAARP, or CERN….

Our planet and solar system is currently being bombarded by cosmic high energy particles.  I’ve talked about this since 2011, when I first began researching an article by a Russian DR. ALEXEY N. DMITRIEV published in 1998, discussing where our galaxy is heading:  

Also important :

Since reading that article in 2011 I have spent quite a bit of time researching this theory, and digging up the hints from the usual talking heads (NASA etal) to try and figure out if we really are in this massive cloud of high energy particles and cosmic rays. From there I moved into researching the “Electric Universe” theory.  Years have gone by and I have not yet found any OTHER theories that so closely ties together so many of the physical symptoms we are experiencing on our planet and within ourselves.  Writing this all out would take hours and hours, and I don’t want to get into it that deeply at the moment.  I will add a TON of links at the bottom of this article for people to further research.  What I will say, as I said this past Sunday and Wednesday, is that we are seeing the proof of our Electric Universe, and we are SEEing the direct effects and reactions of the Electrical and Magnetic fields of our planet as we are moving through these vast cosmic elemental rays and particles and fields.

The main stream media and talking head agencies  keeps talking about Coronal Holes, CMEs, Solar wind/high energy particle streams “bombarding” our planet.  But in almost every instance I’ve disproved each of these claims as their own “live feeds” show us clearly that the sun- our Sol- is a dead stick at the moment.  Geomagnetic storms have been very mild, no solar flares have been seen in months, the coronal holes are piddly little cracks….. and yet, it’s clear that something is hitting our planet.  Nov 16th 2018 I put out an article clearly showing that “they” are bullshitting us with the “solar storm” stories. I talked about this a bit more back in August 2018 when we also took a hard look at the lies of what our REAL UV index is actually hitting.

In the past month I have seen WILD shit happening in the magnetosphere feeds- events that do not correlated to the supposed “geomagnetic” storms that they are suppose to be showing (according to the talking heads, lol).  I just recorded this feed of the Magnetosphere from Dec 27-29th (today).  Over and over again you can see the magnetic fields of our planet taking massive “hits” and the lines being scrambled and broken again and again:

Yet the geomagnetic “storm” we experienced was barely a burp:
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and the “solar wind stream” that is the purported cause of this “storm”, while slightly elevated, is certainly nothing we haven’t seen regularly in the past:

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and the Coronal Hole that this purported “solar wind stream” came from, is hardly a crack.  Compared to 2012 when at times we saw half the sun open up into spectacular coronal holes…. seriously, you can’t sell me this this bullshit story.

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What we have experienced, globally, over the past week, is a reaction to the electrical and magnetic fields of our planet in absolute flux and chaos….. in my opinion ;>)


What it comes down to is: ARE YOU PREPARED?  We are living during some very epic events, in a time when we really have no idea what we could be slammed with next. If ever there was a time for people to look to THEMSELVES, and to be responsible and proactive…. this is it.

Do NOT get lost into the narratives that are trying to create story lines and beliefs around these events.

Do NOT get lost in the division trap of left vs right, up vs down, this vs that- we need to focus on UNITY.

Do NOT get lost in trying to figure out the causes, the theories, the ifs and buts and maybe’s

Do NOT get lost in the belief structures that are so insidious that they distract us from the facts



don’t be put off by the title of this article- it contains some excellent information:




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