Off Planet Radio, Nov 11 2018


Yesterday did a live show on Off Planet Radio with Thomas Williams and Kim of the Manna World Trust.  While I missed most of the first hour, the second hour had some VERY interesting pieces in it.  As usual, use your own discernment.

From the YouTube page: Special edition live show for 11-11-18 with Thomas Williams and Kim of the Manna World Trust. Thomas Williams: Information on the topics discussed in the show: https://thinkdifferent.thepeoplesclub… What are the changes ongoing towards restoring “the People”? Is this a “Saviour Program”? Or a mechanism to disrupt the 16,500 captivity of humanity? What is The Manna World Trust? Is Money the answer? A deep discussion with Q&A and details. We ask the questions, you decide.

… I feel a Deep Immersion session coming on!




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