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Canadian clay kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria on contact

This is the typical bullshit ridiculousness that makes my head explode.
Yes, clay- from all over the world- has been use to treat massive infections (and a multitude of other health problems) for thousands of years!! This is one of the major pieces I’m looking at right now for healing. Clay has off the charts healing abilities, and has been documented in ancient medical notes and in all native/original cultures all over the planet…. yet main stream scientists have finally “discovered” this unbelievably cheap and effective method for killing bad bacteria.
What pisses me off is the usual spin that is put this article- as is usually used on any natural health “discovery”:
“This could be a major step forward in fighting superbugs, but it’s not ready to be used as a treatment yet. Unfortunately, treating an illness in human beings is much more complicated that simply culturing bacteria in a test tube, and it’s not clear yet whether the clay would be safe for widespread use. There’s also the small matter of figuring out exactly how the clay works to destroy these bacteria. “

They (“THEY”) will now have to “study” it and do “tests” that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to “prove” what people have known for eons.  Giving the “big boys” time to come up with excuses why it either has to be banned, or how to somehow market it for a Bijillion dollars….


What’s funny about this is that the Canadian Military have been using Kaolin (white) clay for chemical warfare decontamination for decades!!  When I was training in the CF as a Medic and we were going through Chemical Warfare training sessions, they handed us packets of white powder that we had to apply to our exposed skin in the “event” of a chemical attack.  Me being me, I tested the powder and discovered it was Kaolin clay and laughed- told my Sergeant that if they needed any more of it, I had about a pound of it in my locker back at base. Image result for emoticons rofl
… yes, I was a shit disturber even back then!
Aboriginal Canadians used clay from Kisameet Bay, British Columbia to treat their ailments for centuries – from stomach complaints to skin irritation. Now, researchers have found that there might just be something to the clay’s purported healing properties after all. It turns out this 10,000-year-old deposit of clay is highly effective against many serious antibiotic-resistant infections.


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