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ARNICA Montana: Homeopathic for emergencies



From Ann Callaghan:

Image result for arnica Dani Arnold-McKenny‘s asked me to write a bit about Arnica … so here goes, hope it’s helpful.
Whatever our avatar is up to, one thing most of us can agree on is that being in this body has not been a cake walk. Lots of us have been experiencing pain in muscles, stiffness and recently, heart issues. Our companion animals are reacting too with many getting sick and leaving their furry bodies.
So what to do ? I don’t usually jump in with advice from a homeopathic perspective because homeopaths usually need detailed information to be able to recommend an effective remedy. However, Arnica is an exception. It’s a major remedy for aches and pains especially in the muscles. It’s also a great first aid remedy for heart problems, particularly strokes. Arnica 200c brought my own mother back from one sided paralysis after stroke to total recovery of physical function.
Arnica is my number one remedy for physical trauma and we could argue that we’re all being traumatised to some extent by whatever the heck is going on. Arnica can be given in pretty much any situation as a first aid remedy, especially when there’s been a physical trauma. Although it acts primarily on soft tissue, it also helps to keep the layers of our energy body aligned hence it’s use in Jet Lag and any situations when we feel ‘all over the place’ or ‘scattered’.
You can either buy Arnica in pill form from a homeopathic pharmacy or you can make a water potency by writing Arnica 30c or 200c on a piece of paper, taping the paper to a 500ml bottle of water and intending that the water pick up the energy pattern of Arnica. 30c is perfectly adequate for most situations though I would use 200c in situations where the whole being is involved in the process, i.e. the pain is such that you can’t think about anything else and are totally involved in what is going on with the body. An example of this could be a badly broken bone or the latter stages of childbirth, Arnica 200c works wonders in both situations so it’s a good idea to get both potencies in.
In case of severe trauma give either 1 pill or 1 teaspoon of Arnica 200c every 10 mins till there is some response e.g. a reduction in pain. Then repeat only as the pain reappears. The intervals between repetitions will get longer and longer till you don’t need it anymore.
In less severe cases, like a bump or bruise, Arnica 30c is perfectly fine and you probably only need to give 3 or so doses. Egg sized bumps on the head will actually reduce as you look at them.
Dani’s note:Image result for arnica montana homeopathic
I asked Ann to write this up because it “felt” very important to me. We are constantly talking about what we are physically feeling and about the amount of people who are having strokes and heart issues- and of course, our furry babies too. Of all the “remedies” we’ve discussed in the past few years, and that I’ve personally tried, the only one that continuously delivers is Arnica. (and Aconite as Elizabeth mentioned above). I know when Ann’s Cat was in a serious state, she gave him arnica, I know that several other people have used Arnica after strokes and had serious improvements very quickly…. So I felt very strongly that we should talk about it. Arnica is super cheap, you can buy it easily, and you can keep it with you at all times without any effort. I strongly recommend that everyone invest in making sure they have Arnica on hand at all times right now.
I personally have Arnica in my pocket or my bag every time I leave the house- and my two daughters who are 14 and 17 also carry it with them whenever they are out. In my opinion it’s one of the most important helpers that we have available to us at this moment, with all the insanity that is going on around us.