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America Here I Come!!!

Hi Darlins! I want to let all my American Friends know that I will be in your neck of the woods next month!!

SoCal Errant Expo (Pre-Sale) Tickets, Sat, Oct 21, 2023 at 9:00 AM |  Eventbrite

I will be in Houston TX the week of Oct 11- 18th, and we will be putting together an UnFuckers/Archaix Meet up in Houston (details to be announced)

And I will be in San Diego CA from the 19th – 24th of October for the SoCal Errant Expo!!!  And I would LOVE to meet up with some UnFuckers in San Diego too!!!!

SoCal Errant Expo:

Host: Jason Breshears –

Guest Speakers:

Martin Liedtke – Flat Earth British (YT)

Max Igan – The CrowHouse (Bitchute)

Dani Arnold-McKenny – Removing The Shackles (YT)

Logan Jayson – Decode your Reality (YT)

Cambell Purvis – Autodidactic (YT)

Joel – Perceiver (YT)