Astrology 2.0: The UnHeard Wave

  Today we dug into the first of the generational “waves”, labeled the “silent” ones born between 1928-1945. We discovered today, it’s not that they are “Silent”, but that they are the “Unheard” Wave.    

Transpicuous News Geomagnetic Update July 3 2019

As I promised, I put out another update on the current Geomagnetic Fuckery that seems to be abating a bit, but still continuing. As of about 6am this morning, July 4 2019, the Magnetopause distortions seem to have calmed down significantly, but the magnetosphere is still showing a huge amount of unrest with the south polar magnetic lines again disappearing …

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UnFuckIt Discussion July 3 2019

We Opened last night with a Geomagnetic update (video available separately later today). Great discussion last night with lots of input from the unfuckers!!

Transpicuous News Geomagnetic update: July 1 2019

As I promised at the end of yesterday’s Geomagnetic update, I’ve been watching the feeds very closely!  Today…. Yep, more insanity- this time it is the Magnetopause that went ballistic, showing huge compression again, but also insane distortions to the magnetopause that have been going on for hours all day today!  Unfortunately, as I’ve said in the video, the live …

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