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UnFuckIt Discussion Sept 11 2019

Last night was all about looking back to several interviews from prior to the end of 2012- Bill Brockbraider/wood and Dan Burisch specifically.  This past week has been epic insanity again, and 911 brought it’s own unique tech fuckery…. due to that fucker my entire recording of the show was lost!  I’ve downloaded the copy from the Live Stream… but it is missing pieces as John was also have major tech glitches, so unfortunately, some of the show will be missing from this live stream recording, and we’ve lost the entire aftershow discussion.  Sorry folks!  Shit is all crazy right now!




I can’t post the link to FRINGE season 4 episode 12 here, but I strongly suggest that you watch it!  There are several streaming sites that have all the FRINGE seasons.