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UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 16, 2020

Belief systems in control of everything! Oh the Beliefs that are being used to divide and conquer the people.  Today’s Discussion: Politics & Finance and all the bullshit that goes along with it, Election failures, sweeping statements that have to back up/proof, and cryptocurrencies.  Yes, it was a very interesting conversation!!

I will be putting out a short “how to” video for that will be available on the site- the Registration is open: click “membership plans” in the top menu, to login, there is a drop down menu below the HOME page and at the bottom is the “Login” button.


If anyone is interested in Jeff’s special Crypto Course that he put out with Emily Moyer, here are the details:

The course is called Metaphysics Of The Blockchain Workshop #1:The Portal Path To BSV. Email Emily here: emilycmoyer(at)