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UnFuckIt Discussion Jan 15th 2020

Do you remember what happened last week?  Last month?  Five minutes ago?  If you can’t, don’t worry, you’re not alone!!  Our opening discussion was all about the fact that so many of us are just not able to remember things, are forgetting what we’re doing, hell, even forgetting what we were talking about mid sentence!!  Oh the epic insanity: politically, financially, geophysically….. and the distractions just keep rollin’ in!  Have you heard about this Glamiscalling site? Yea, we talked about that bullshit too last night.

To sum up the show: WTAF?


As I mention at the end of the show, we will be putting up a crowdfunding campaign next week to fund our move to the UK.  Donations can be sent via Paypal:
with a note “For the UK move”.  …. and thank you everyone!