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UnFuckIt Discussion: Dec 12 2018

To Protest or not to Protest…. is it really a question?

France has set Europe on fire.  The “Yellow Vest” movement has already spread to Belgium, Netherlands, and Sweden… and is purported to be moving into Portugal, Spain, and Germany next.  Canada?  Well….. it’s there, but has it already been coopted into a specific spin?  Time for UnFuckers everywhere to get involved, educate the masses who are protesting to see the deeper levels of what it is that they are protesting against.  Shall we all Stand Up?  It may be the time…..




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FRANCE HAS A MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD !!!RIC Mouvement: Referendum Initiated by the CitizensTAKE YOUR YELLOW VESTS, COME TOGETHER AND CHANGE THE WORLD !!!The RIC Mouvement is fighting for the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to TRIGGER A NATIONAL Referendum FROM the People, FOR the People and BY the PeopleTHANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND VIVA LA REVOLUTION <3Please join this page for more info :

Posted by Roman Light on Wednesday, December 12, 2018


We Truly Salute You!

Sounds Familiar? ?To France And All The French People – We Truly Salute You! ??❤️#France #GiletsJaunes

Posted by Morpheus on Wednesday, December 12, 2018



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