Transpicuous News April 5/6 2020

COVID19 global updates April 5/6th 2020



Coronavirus: Travel restrictions, border shutdowns by country

Some good news! Number of people who’ve RECOVERED from Covid-19 passes quarter of a million

“Immunity Certificates” Are Coming – COVID-Survivors To Get ‘Special Passports’ Enabling Return To ‘Normalcy’

Denmark: Queen Margrethe II abdicates her throne

UK: Boris Johnson admitted to hospital over virus symptoms

Japan to declare month-long state of emergency in Tokyo, 6 other prefectures, PM Abe says

Singapore quarantines migrant workers, unveils ‘unprecedented budget for extraordinary times’

Swedish minister’s ‘Russian trolls’ fanning 5G fears turn out to be… anti-radiation activists led by local granny  (lol)

Privacy-minded Germans wary as Berlin develops nationwide Covid-19 tracking app & calls for EU-wide system

Here Comes Round Two: China Just Reported The Most New Covid Cases In A Month

Prepare for the mother of all s**t storms if Sweden pulls this off

Why This Rare, Huge Ozone Hole Over the Arctic Is Puzzling Scientists

HEALTH: Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell,- A Doctor from ICU in New York, Speaks about what Is really happening with COVID19 patients

Canada: Food security experts warn of supply shortages, higher prices due to global pandemic

U.S. coronavirus supply spree sparks outrage among allies

USA: ‘We need masks, we don’t want others getting them’: Trump defends America First hoarding & ‘piracy’

Dubai goes on lockdown amid spike in coronavirus cases in UAE

Turkey imposes coronavirus curfew on under-20s, locks down dozens of cities

Did Bill Gates Just Reveal The Real Reason Behind The Lock-Downs?

UK: Sunbathing ‘against virus social distancing rules’

UK: Mast fire probe amid 5G coronavirus claims

Canada: Indigenous in Canada turn to the land to survive coronavirus

NY gets 1,100 ventilators with help from China, Oregon

Greece quarantines second migrant camp after COVID-19 case confirmed

Morocco to release 5,654 prisoners amid coronavirus outbreak

Brazil lawmakers pass ‘war budget’ as coronavirus cases top 10,000

Spain to extend state of emergency to April 26 as rise in infections slows

EU approves coronavirus state support for Portugal, Poland, Greece

Hungary prepares $30 billion coronavirus package to jump-start economy

Hungary to create $2 billion anti-coronavirus fund partly from taxing banks

Jordan’s nationwide curfew brings country to standstill

FINANCE: IMF sees coronavirus-induced global downturn ‘way worse’ than financial crisis

Coronavirus upends global food supply chains in latest economic shock

USA: Republican leader McConnell says another coronavirus bill is coming

Millions Of Applicants But “Only 100 Loans Disbursed” In Latest Small Business Bailout Shock

FINANCE: COVID-19 Is Being Used To Scare You Away From Using Cash

UK Rejects Assange Release Request Amid COVID-19 Crisis, But Frees Thousands Of Others

Stricter measures in Turkey as cases rise sharply

EU privacy watchdog calls for pan-European mobile app for virus tracking