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The UnFuckIt Discussion, June 29 2022

Welcome back to the UnFuckIt Discussion!  You did not miss last week’s discussion: I took a day off so there wasn’t a UFI chat last week!

We got into lots of topics last night, from the latest solar stuff going on, the current political insanity, and we talked about fasting and “leaky gut” syndrome.  I highly recommend that everyone do some research on Leaky Gut- what the symptoms are and how that effects EVERYTHING in our bodies.  Bone broth is one of the best ways to start the healing process- below is a quick video I did after Christmas about making Turkey bone broth from your leftover Christmas dinner ( I forgot to add a bit in the video about adding vinegar to the bones when you start boiling- about 1/4 cup vinegar per gallon/4 litres of water- this helps to break down the bones and you will NOT taste the vinegar once it’s all done, I promise!

For anyone watching from the UK- I launched my new website, which is geared for my foraging walks and speaking events- if you are involved in any of the “Awake/Freedom”  or  “awake” home education groups, please share the link!!