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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 24 2022

Welcome to the UnFuckIt Discussion, where this weeks news sounds like something out of a dystopian fan fiction novel…. bad fan fiction!




Latest astrology update from Meghan:

Mercury entered Shadow over the weekend and will be stationing retrograde on September 9th – and while technically it hasn’t yet begun, it’s already been a doozy!
The Mercurial energy is very strong right now as the Sun has just made it’s yearly ingress into Virgo, the feminine face of Mercury, while Mars has entered Gemini, Mercury’s masculine expression, where he will stay until March 2023 due to the upcoming retrograde.
Both the Sun and Mars are very hot and dry planets which tends to make their expression about as subtle as a brick.
Anxiety, nervousness and extreme mental energies are running high right now.
It’s worth keeping in mind that mercury entered the Shadow Zone while in square to Neptune and Pisces which can add a confused and emotional layer to the misunderstandings currently a foot.
If we can slow down, not become reactionary with our words, and refrain from communication via Wrecking Ball we can make the upcoming days and weeks much easier to navigate.
If we can read between the lines without over analyzing and dissecting all the things – and therefore complicating the meaning of everything – we may be surprised at how quickly that veil of Illusion falls that has been obscuring our understanding.
Picture the dance of Mercury and the Sun as a pendulum of sorts.
Mercury flies forward to his furthest point beyond the Sun during his pre-shadow phase (where we are now) before being snapped back toward the Sun during retrograde.
The purpose for this is Mercury travels ahead of the Sun to gather information that we are not quite ready to consciously comprehend.
If we remain open and do not get overwhelmed by or mired down in the confusion the retogrode can cause due to Mercury being closer in proximity to us on Earth there is so much we can learn and integrate.
New beginnings lie ahead.
We can suss this out one day at a time.