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Know the Facts: The difference between “Islam” and Wahhabism


I have spoken out about “Islam” and the “Muslim” religions and the truth about Wahhibism for many years.  For years we have watched a massive divisional program be propagated across the world by many many groups. The program is to divide people, Christian from Islamic, Islamic from Judaic, etc…. For the simple reason, as you all know: if you keep the people divided and fighting, then they will not unite to fight back.

Yes, we are seeing horrific cases of extremist terrorism and have watched these events unfold faster and larger than each of the previous years.  And the “hate” that comes along with this is centered on the perceived religion of those extremists: Islam. But as I have been saying for years, these atrocities are not being perpetuated by “Islamic Terrorists”, they are deliberately planned and carried out by Wahhabists.  And yes, there is a Vast difference.

I was sent this video this morning by a viewer and friend.  I hope people will take the time to listen to this video to further comprehend the difference, and to fully understand that these are Muslim Imams and scholars who are trying desperately to sound the alarm about Wahhabism and the terrorist extremists that are funded by the Wahhabist sects of Saudi Arabia. They are trying to warn the government (in this case, of Australia) and the people to NOT allow Sharia Law in their country, to NOT allow the building of Mosques and Islamic centres, to FULLY INVESTIGATE WHERE THE MONEY FOR THESE PROMOTERS, EVENTS, AND BUILDINGS ARE COMING FROM. Because they know the root of the problem

It is very easy to simply hate people without researching the facts behind the propaganda and agenda.  It is time consuming to do the actual research, and in many ways, when that research runs head first into a persons “belief” structures and social & political programming, it is much more difficult to truly break through this and find the facts of the matter.

I am asking everyone who “hates” muslims to please watch this video.  If you are listening to the main stream media to base your “hatred” on, then you are NOT getting the facts.  These Muslims are trying to warn people about the actual FACTS of who is perpetuating these crimes.  When you comprehend the history of Wahhabism, when you comprehend who’s behind the CREATION of this cult, then you will clearly see WHY everything is playing out as it is right now.

Below is the opening excerpt of an article I wrote about the history of Wahhabism:

“Islamic Extremism”: The History of Wahhabism & The Saudi Royal Family

With everything going on and on going, in the Middle East, the main questions for most people are: “WTF?!” and “How the hell did we get here?” and “Who is working with whom and why?”.

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle of perceived Middle Eastern “Politics” that people need to comprehend is the HISTORY of HOW and WHO and WHY this was all set up to begin with…..

….But, what is “Muslim Extremism”?  Or should I say, IS it “Muslim Extremism? …

…. ahhhhhh, and therein lies the biggest deception.

The vast majority of people in North America and Europe think of “Islam” as a single religion.  They use the term “Muslim” as an all encompassing word.  Yet, Like Christianity, Islam is also highly divided into various sects and vast belief and doctrinal differences.   In Christianity, a Baptist would be horrified to be called a Catholic, and a Protestant would be outraged to be called a Jehovah’s Witness,  and a Catholic would be mortified if you called them a 7th Day Adventist…. yet they are all “Christian”, even though their beliefs and religious dogmas wildly differ.

The same can be said for Islamic Religions.

What is currently playing out in the Middle East is a “religious war”.  On the Surface – both in main stream media and alternative media- it is perceived as a war between the “Sunni” and “Shia” Muslim religions.  But this is VASTLY misunderstood.   The basis of this misconception is that the Saudi Royal Family is “Sunni”, when in fact they are NOT.

This is where the History of the House of Saud is VITALLY important. Comprehending exactly how them came into power, who put them there, and WHAT the religion they “created” is actually about, explains EVERYTHING that we are currently seeing play out in the Middle East.


Saudi Arabia is an absolute theocracy, and as such its very raison d’ être is rooted within its violent and reactionary interpretation of Islam: Wahhabism, the ideology which inspired the likes of Al Qaeda and Islamic State. One of the main tenets of Wahhabism actually calls for the destruction of all religious sects, Islamic or otherwise. For Wahhabis there can be no greater glory than to massacre “apostates.”

In Case you missed this point: Wahhabism actually calls for the destruction of all religious sects, Islamic or otherwise

When you fully comprehend WHO is behind the House of Saud and the Creation of Wahhabism, then you’ll truly understand the agenda that is being played out across the world.