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History is Doomed to Repeat itself….


The timing is very interesting…. almost poetic in a sense.

Last week I wrote about how South Africa’s brand new president vows to confiscate land from white farmers…. and I said in the article:

THIS is EXACTLY what former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe did… and completely destroyed not only the agriculture economy of the country, but the entire financial economy was devastated and turned a thriving farming community that supported their country, into a desolated wasteland fraught with violence and extreme poverty.   I have several good friends from Zimbabwe who lived through this and who’s families are still there, trying to keep going under the harshest conditions.

….what I missed when I wrote this, was the news from the previous week where the “new” (not really new) Zimbabwean Government is now begging white farmers to come back to farm again:

Zimbabwe’s exiled farmers urged to return home as agricultural industry struggles

Zimbabwe is offering land leases to commercial farmers in an effort to restart an agricultural industry decimated by Mugabe-era land invasions. The Zimbabwean Government’s message to exiled farmers is clear. Come home. It is offering land leases to commercial farmers in an effort to re-start the nation’s agricultural industry….
…Government officials now admit the campaign of farm invasions that began in 2000 was a mistake.
“Clearly, the formulas deployed then, left a lot of bad feeling. And more importantly, the intellectual property, left our borders,” Mr Nyabadza said.
Thousands of white farmers were forced off the land during the invasions. Several farmers and farm workers were killed, many others were injured.
The Zimbabwean Government promised the program would redistribute farming land to Zimbabweans in need. But many farms were taken by politicians and members of the ZANU-PF ruling party. Agricultural production dropped dramatically and the nation once regarded as the bread basket of Africa struggled to feed itself…..


History, it seems, is doomed to repeat itself.

As I stated in the earlier article,: “it’s the people who are being crushed that keep voting these corrupt tyrants into power, cheering while their soon-to-be dictator gets ready to destroy a country already that is already on it’s knees, fighting to keep going day by day.”




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