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Changes to UnFuckerUnite Membership

Changes to UnFuckersUnite Membership

Out with the Old, in with the New

…we’re doing things differently this time!

I have been ranting about the technology failures that seem to be happening all around us for months .  These continuous problems have plagued the world….and our websites.  Back in the early summer UnFuckersUnite was hit hard with some sort of  attack that caused us mucho headaches- little did we know that they were just the beginning of the migraine.

What we didn’t know at the time was that not only had the hacker seriously fucked up our memberships, but apparently the membership plugin we use on the site at that same time completely imploded!  So much so that it’s now been taken off the market (ffs).  This left us with the battle to find yet another membership plugin, and then having to transfer each and every account over to that software….and hope and pray that it works.

….yea I’m just done with this shit!

So I made the decision to make ALL memberships for UnFuckersUnite FREE.

  All of our existing members have had their “paid” memberships cancelled, and have been given free memberships.  IF you find that your subscription to UU is still coming out of your paypal account, please go into paypal and manually cancel the subscription- it should NOT continue coming out monthly, but Paypal has been having ongoing issues with this for the past few months and a couple of members have had money removed from their account…even though there is no “membership” pulling it out from our side!

From now on, every new member who registers with UnFuckersUnite will only pay a one time $5 registration fee- this is set up to keep out trolls and spam bots.  We are now working on the honor system here in UU.  We are asking members to make regular donations to support the websites, and the shows and keep them going.  Managing all of my sites costs money- quite a bit of it- and we have monthly expenses we have to cover, AND we need to be able to keep John in coffee and smokes at the very least, monthly!

So from now on, I’ll be putting a call out to UnFuckers asking for donations.  Please feel free to contribute and support us when and where you can.

…we even take cryptocurrencies if you happen to have any laying around, lol.

If you have any questions, you all know where you can find me.... or you can email me: dani (at) rts (dot) earth
chief loonie