The UnFuckIt Discussion Sept 29 2021

Another week of insanity has gone by, and the roll out of the so called “new world order” seems to be advancing….yet crumbling at the same time.  The UnFuckers take a look at the latest news and ridiculousness that’s played out over the last 7 days, with our usual update by Monty from the Prison Down Under.  Along with the …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 22 2021

Oh the shitshow of Clownworld continues to raise the bar, especially in Australia. Welcome to the UnFuckIt Discussion, where we crawl through the insanity of the week, and shake our heads, wondering how the hell we landed in this ridiculous reality! Yes!  There is a new Facebook group (because I’m a glutton for punishment, lol), and we’re trying a little …

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New RTS Facebook Group!

Ok Darlins, I’ve bitten the bullet and created another facebook group: RTS Earth Community If you’ve been in my groups before, you all know the rules, lol. (copy of the group rules is below) But we’ve put new rules in place for actually POSTING information, links etc… So please read the “announcement” post in the group once you’ve been approved. …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 15 2021

Clownworld definitely escalated the, now normal, levels of insanity this week.  After our usual rants on the “News of the Day”, we got into a discussion about “The Event”.  Reviewing the information brought forward by Dan Burisch & Bill Brockbraider(Wood) about Project Looking Glass, I ran through the information from the CHANI Project (several links and pdfs below), and we …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 8 2021

The weekly UnFuckIt Discussion, following the latest news from Clownworld, and wondering what fuckin’ reality we’ve been thrust into.  Seriously…. it’s truly insane out there.              

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 1 2021

Welcome back to the land of the clinically insane!!!  The world is rockin’ its finest levels of “this shit is too crazy to even be real any more…. let me outa here!!”.  I personally have hit the wall where I can’t even pretend to be a partaker in what the current reality considers the “new norm”.  Seriously, stop the fuckin’ …

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Transpicuous Views Being Prepared: Communications

On Friday night I asked Alan James to come back and talk about Being Prepared: Communications.  As a society we’ve become addicted in many ways to technology, and have come to rely on that technology for a lot of things, especially to communication with friends, family and our various groups.  But what happens if Cell Phones are down?  What happens …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 18 2021

Rants galore!  Opening up the discussion: The Taliban and the Afghanistan debacle…. isnt’ it just convenient?  The distractions are being flung out left, right and centre…. but what’s really going on right now?  What is the main stream media NOT talking about? Coming up this week: Transpicuous Views, Being Prepared: Communication with Alan James, Friday Aug 20 at 8pm UK/3pm …

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Astrology 2.0: Battle of the Charts III , Aug 14 2021

Battle of the Charts Part III: Biden vs Trudeau vs Macron vs Johnson vs Morrison….. Taking a close look at the so called puppets on the thrones to see what’s heading their way.  As usual we opened the show with a discussion of what’s happening around us, and the next pieces that may be coming into play over the next …

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FutureProof Generations, Sunday Aug 22

I’ll be speaking at this event in Birmingham on Sunday August 22 and I’d love to see some UnFuckers there!!!!