How to sell Cancer & Cancer Drugs and Destroy the Cancer Cure

I have been following this very closely and warning the public that this was coming for years now.  The official GMO take over of the Cannabis industry, making medicinal marijuana into nothing more than a placebo at best, and toxic at the worst.

Bayer is buying Monsanto. So now the super mega corporation can sell you cancer, sell you the drugs for your cancer…. and make sure you can’t get the real cure to cancer: Cannabis.



3 thoughts on “How to sell Cancer & Cancer Drugs and Destroy the Cancer Cure”

  1. Last I’d heard, Baer didn’t want anything to do with Monsanto.. goes to show another company Monsanto has bullied into getting what it wants.. just like Amazon/Bezo’s does. Guess that’s the new/old way of doing business now.

    WOW, Uruguay?!!? Live Free or Die my arse LOL

    Of course those for freedom don’t really see what or know what “Legal” means nor Leagalise speak. Legal is only taking control of something to slap a patent on it so it becomes Illegal for anyone doing things the benevolent way outside of government.

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