Beta System menu

As you may already be aware, there is a new menu item labeled “Beta System”. This contains links to a new Social Community system we are testing. It is currently really plain and sparse, but as we get to each section, that will certainly change.
Feel free to dig around and have a look at what is in there… Add some content if you wish, but as before, be aware that if we chose not to use this script, the content will be lost. Also, it may be useful to the testing if you could migrate some of the content you have posted in the other groups or “activity wall” into the Beta system so we have bits and pieces to play with as we get everything looking all spiffy and nice.

We will probably continue using the current Forum format that we already have set up, so we have not set up the “forum” in the beta test area yet.  You can see that all the current members are already in there, but new friend requests will have to be sent out again.  I’m currently talking to Simon from Symposium Pro, about creating a bulk add button from friend requests so that they don’t have to be done individually, but that will take some time.